by GED

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Recorded from Summer 2015 to Winter 2015.
Explores many themes within deep depression, blind furious anger and eventual somber happiness. Produced by many local and nation-wide producers. A must have.


released June 22, 2016

Debug - Production.
DJ R Dog - Production, Lyrics
Echo - Proction
GED/Godard - Vocals, Lyrics, Production, Recording, Artwork.
Ogrvně - Production
Weezumz - Production.
Yusef Dali - Vocals, Lyrics, Recording, Production.



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Track Name: Fearless
Looking down cause I'm in the air levitating, and this whole situation by itself is devastating, flying high yet my whole I've been hesitating, I've been poor for so long (yeah) I've been hella patient. I cant wait to see that twenty dollar bill. The feeling of having money will be so surreal. I remember back in the days when I had to steal, nowadays I look back at the guilt I gotta feel. To be honest: I'm not an honest person. The lies I speak a day can make an average saint nervous. I don't know why I do it, but I do it on purpose. Its a deep whole I dig up, my future looks so unnerving. I'm learning things about myself I wish I didn't discover, A lot of past regrets remain uncovered. Enough of my skeletons they parade my closet reminding me about the things from the past that's forever dividing me - Mentally and Physically, I may go ballistic. M true state of reality is so sadistic; I want to kill myself, but, I'm afraid to do it, I look at what I got with my family, I'm not going to lose it.

...And they don't want you to go~
...So why take your life like this?~
...We don't want you to go~
...So why you take your life like this?~

I find familiarity in loneliness.
A tendency to be
Not just what you see
But so much in between
I see what you've shown us
Little time for care
Find complacency
Inside of me
I see how you've owned us
A dominant hand
On this cosmic strand
You seem to understand
Just how I feel
A closed book open to your mind
A broken heart repaired just in time
But just like that it's over
Inevitability in its finest hour
How could we ever even if we could
The lights have gone
I am fearless now
(I am fearless now)
Track Name: Destroy Mankind
You fucking people suck I'll put you on the corner, thanks for making life as good as a half boner. Shouts out to STL, seriously the place legit; killing black kids, and letting them get away with it. 618's no better man, the cop stopped me the other night while white folks were walking around tucking away their meth pipes. I swear life sucks and creation is a fail, anti-social lifestyle got me looking so pale. Who loves the truth? You like being honest? You should fuck yourself and never try to forget about it. Not that I'm hating on the honesty, I hate my planet. I know I got a death wish I hope it gets granted. I bet I sound fascist or something dark, I'm just a man who's life engine wouldn't start. I tried to fit in with society, but, I didn't look the part so nowadays I hope mankind gets taken apart.

(Q: You wont mind one more time taking mankind out?)
~I Destroy~
(A: Matter of fact, [The Rock'll] lay the smack-down on his candy ass!)
~I Destroy~

I'm so tired of human beings like myself, Most the time I wish I was someone else, bi-polar rap I'm not feeling good at all, My whole life feels like a logical fall. I'm stuck like a gargoyle in place, all these toxins inside me I can faint, disappear and never deal with you fucking people. Society is bullshit, I fucking hate you people. Mankind is a joke and God fucked up the punchline, I don't give a fuck about those one days or one times. I wanna drown myself in silence for eternity, I hate your life more than you do, you're nothing to me. I want to vanish and forget his ever happened, abort the mission so I wont be saddened, but, suicide is not an option, I'll make it run, but you didn't pay attention so back to the chorus.

~I Destroy~
Track Name: Negative
Some real shit...It's life...Just sitting back...Thinking about it...I don't really like it...Honestly...

(I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time...)

This is sad as fuck, my vibe is sad as fuck, yeah my life is sad as fuck, constantly smoking cannabis...
I know I wanted to give up, struggle got me in a rush, selling dope on the hush, cause this shit got serious...

I hate my life, I hate to break it to you. Words aren't the best option for a loser. I'm a dead boy, no sonic reducer, krokadil addict how I look at my future. the run is over, it's time to go home, I don't mind the isolation I enjoy being alone. I could go mute forever if I step foot in my zone, cause I just want to smoke, I want to go home....

(Blade Runner monologue repeated and detuned)

I've seen things i wish I could forget, a lot of past crimes that I regret. I've seen things people would regret not, and many other things they'd love to forget how - we became this way, I'm a monster in a cage, I should wear a mask cause I hate to see my face. Black phantom of the opera someone take my hate away, leave me with nothing; the only way I relate.

(Blade Runner monologue repeated and stretched)

Somebody take my hate away~

Yeah my vibe is sad as fuck and I'm getting fucked up, I know what's up and, I'm trying not to remember it....
Yeah my days are added up, my breathe laughed up, my smile nip-tucked, and I feel like this forever...

Nervous breakdown on my floor, head smacked against the door, and now my body is sore. I know what I have in store, I can't buy nothing at the store, cause I've always been poor, my life is a prolonged bore. (And) Now I sigh, and think of many ways I could go and take my life. Is it time I give up and accept suicide? I lived my life inside like an immature parasite, it might be time I resign. I retire to the darkness as a reminder. The fire lights my path, the steps take me higher. Responsibility has left me completely. Embracing the end ever so discreetly. The demons from my past caught up and they beat me. Pain surrounds my body, I wish it would leave me, I wish I could leave you and everyone behind. My mouth sewn shut, my eyes closed I go blind.
This song is a will and a way to show you that we're all in the dark; positivity aint shit (X3) you don't know how to play your motherfucking part, cause in the end; you know what happens...There is no need for a spoiler alert....(Bitch)
Track Name: Money
Aye, I need the money, dollar signs, GED, aye.....

I did so many drugs I had to pass out cause five minutes ago I swear I was gonna black out,. Half an hour ago I saw my bank cashed out, I was so high at the moment I broke the mask out, but, police are everywhere so fuck doing a robbery, Id rather go home and play computer games and just smoke weed, but, the thought of having no money will always bother me, the next time I pay the rent, it's going to be an atrocity. I cannot sleep, my cat is in heat, and she keeps meowing. My kids awakened, just my luck I gotta work up in the a.m., so I gotta sleep up in my mom's basement. (But) These spiders are bringing back my arachnophobia, but, they don't hold me up, cause they know I am a tarantula. The stamina behind this old school mastermind. I'm trying to find some wasted time to sit back and recline, but, it's five a.m. so you know that shit is declined. I wish I didn't do those drugs like all the lean up in my cup, I was so fucked up puking on bitches at the pub. They showed me no fucking love, I got kicked the fuck out. They called me a fucking junkie, yeah, them pussies ran their mouths. Well, fuck that! I'm not coming back - to this town. Walking around in bad neighborhoods with a damn frown. Almost got jacked, luckily I came with the strap, wish I could relax, but, for some reason that is not happening....(That is not happening)...(I just want to go to bed)... (No that is not happening)...

Twelve hours ago I was fiendin' for the dope, I was chilling with some hoes, I was at my base, yo. Bank account was booming and my kids were somewhere else, now I got some time to do these drugs and give these bitches hell. My plug done hit me back and told me to "relax" "Save your money and your ass won't be strapped on cash" I told him: "chill out, I'm not about to lose my money" I pulled out my wallet showed him I had about twenty twenties. Not the vision talking about them digits, so much cash on my person I could hire your wife to do my dishes. I got cash for bitches, woman I mind I don't listen, I don't care about them dollar signs. Man, I wish I could see the faces of all my future starving children, knowing their stomachs are empty and knowing I could've filled it. I've worked so hard for this, I realize what I get in return; a repeating lifestyle: everyday I got money to earn.

Twenty four hours ago I was excited to see some cash cause I wanted to see some hookers, and I wanted to re-up on hash. I wanted to do a lot of things that I'd never done before, and now that I have the money to do it I won't feel like a done-for. The white folks look at me like: "Fuck you bring the gun for?!" Cause I'm not getting jacked, this cash right here (bitch) I worked for. my family need s this shit, I'm in hardcore savage mode, you fuck with my money your body will get ravaged bro. (Yo) I'm Macho Man Randy Savage , yo, and I rap too, Im excited to get this dough.....That's the first thing I said to do....That is the first thing I said today (Repeated with an eventual "I'm excited to get the dough")
Track Name: Isolation
I don't want to go outside anymore, I'd rather stay inside until my skin turns pale. I don't want to talk to anybody anymore, my communication is slower than the mail. I don't eat the same food that I used to eat, I'm going hungry everyday forever. I don't want to look in the mirror again my self esteem has appeared so severed. I felt so bad once Dusty Rhodes pass, how long in life can the American dream last? I feel convinced that I am forever alone, I don't mind over thinking over a personal bowl. Just because it's my location doesn't meant it's my home, I got a teen mindset like I forgot how to grow. I just want to smoke my memories out of my brain, My main girl like Carly Simon got me feeling so vein, but, really I'm just self absorbed with self loathing, my name is GED, but, I'm really not knowing - my own identity. This is a realization, how will my appearance appear to the nation? I told you Id take my life but, my fam is preventing me. I can't just take my life, I'm history. I hate my life, but, I love my fam. I'm not so sure on just who I am. Girls don't love me like they use to, I guess I'll sit silently like I'm used to. They look into my eyes and see a nobody, I used to think I'm somebody, but, I'm nobody. Life is a job I wish I had the ash to quit, but you know you got to stick around for your kids. Times like this I wish I was an abortion, If I was not alive life would be fortunate.

What the fuck kind of world am I living in? I can't be cool anymore I'm ignorant. Fuck the bullshit life, I'm not into it, foreign reality got me feeling like an immigrant. Thinking normally about the everyday life how to adjust remaining with my pride. Follow the rules and play on the safe side. Life is a screech, I'm about to move to Bayside. years ago playing Devil May Cry: never had to worry about my present or my future life. Dwelling in the past searching for a resolution, how am I alive? (Fuck) How am I doing shit? (Hmm) I guess I'll never know, nowadays the fam got my back and I'm back to making dough. Future is as bright as I want it to be. Like Death Cab; this is sthe sound of settling...

Settling~ (X3)
Like Death Cab; this is the sound of settling.~

Nowadays I like to be alone, nowadays I never leave my home. I don't spend my life on google chrome, I don't even answer my phone.
Track Name: Confusion
Half black half white like a silent film. Still fuck someone up with my violent fuse.
Track Name: Ima Do Me (Feat. Yusef Dali)
Chorus: Yusef Dali
(Niggas) Talking crazy like they fucking know me. I stay in the crib burning on that Yoshi. Tecs in the garage and graves out in the yard, pull up with the mask and gat, if a nigga wanna start (see)
I don't give a fuck what a nigga gotta say, I'ma do me nigga every fucking day. I don't give a fuck what a hater gonna say, living my life like it's anime. I don't give a fuck what a hater gonna say I'ma do me nigga every fucking day. I'ma do me nigga every fucking day, stay on my grind til I make this pay..... Bitch!

Verse 1: GED
Call the Goo Goo Dolls; I'm wide awake now. Call your local chef; bitch I'm making cake now. Call the DEA; I can't feel my face now. I'm zooted off them things, I can't move out of place now. I want to tell the truth, but, I've been fed lies for a lifetime. Was in STL all day, now got the 314 state of mind. The state of misery - you know that is the home of my - whole family - you know we're all in our prime. (But) I'm fucked up, I'm off that green dope, and bitch, I'm about to cloud myself around the weed smoke. Goddamn nigga, I'm too fucked up! Sipping real lean, all these fuck-boys are sipping Robitussin.


Verse 2: GED
You want to talk to me, but, I cannot talk to you. No bullets have got to me, but, they may now have gotten you. Too busy lollygagging when I had broke out my tool. You cannot rest in peace, no , your soul now is maggot food. Now I can smoke my weed in peace, even though a young nigga had to use his piece. You knew it had to come to this; I sacrificed your life, you won't be missed. I was high the whole time, I still turn you into a goner. Smoking before I kill you, bitch, that shit would be an honor.

Track Name: STL Zoo
(Lots of vulgar praise for positivity)

I'm finally in a good mood, yes, I'm finally in a positive zone. I got my drink, I got my blunt, hit up my niggas. what's going on? It's been a bad day, but fuck that it's in the past. I'm high as fuck and I'm drunk as fuck, and I hope this shit ever lasts. Cherokee with my homies, Finna hit up the loop. Still smoking that chronic, you know what the fuck I do. 618 nigga with his 618 crew, I'ma gangsta and a legend from the STL zoo.

Verse 2:
It's going down like Yung Joc, I rep 618 those filthy socks. I'ma young nigga getting a lot of applause, yeah, undefeated streak; never suffered a loss. Celebrating life everyday, proud of the fact that I'm getting paid (x2.) All the ladies recognize an O.G., Katy Perry type and she wants to know me. I'ma gangsta sipping on a forty, never gave a fuck, life is revolting. But, I'm drunk, I won't last, and I'm high Im off track. Compare yourself to me you will put yourself on blast. We're not the same lil nigga; you're a bitch. I'ma a violent person, but not tonight. I wanna see young ladies shaking ass in the lights. I spent a lot of money trying to make this night okay and now your boy is fucked up in a positive state. Okay, now I got my way, STL all day. That's where I stay, riding around showing love all day. I'm on top of the Arch with the swag and your bitch. Riding around sipping drank I wanna bump some Three Six. R-I-P my dead homies I dedicate this night to you, I'ma gangsta and a legend from the STL zoo.

Verse 2:
STL got my back, hit up Greggy-G you know we down to smoke a sack. After tonight you know I smoke and relax. I thought I was quitting I obviously relapsed. 618 coolin', you know we can take the heat. Never met a fuck nigga walking down my street. Smooth playa mack the way I slide into the beat. I say that Im chill I really disturb the peace. Party is over I'm at my crib I got the personal bowl I smoke to the dome. I take money like I represent Rome. Even though I never answer my phone, cause, I'm in my zone, I never want to leave my home.
Track Name: Okay Today
Yeah everything sucks
but (yeah) that's okay today (x3)

Singing Vocals Intro:
It's been a long day today, I think I'm gonna go back home. To the 618, hit 270, and I'm gone. I wanna go smoke, I'm feeling so dope. (x2)

Verse 1:
I'm in a good mood lemme tell ya. No longer feeling like a complete failure. Heavy smoke, expensive paraphernalia. Slurred speech got me cussing like a sailor. Fuck that! I'm in my zone. God bless America, my weed is homegrown. Dabs and Caviar nigga know I'm blown. Hitting up the lean nigga know I'm throwed. Shoutout to Weezy for helping me make this bigger, I gotta show appreciation to all of my niggas. If it wasn't for them my life would be in the shitter. Lent a helping hand when I felt like a quitter. Shoutout to all my fans and all of my listeners. Putting up with my shit even though you don't remember. I love everybody, I don't give a fuck. Love the people around you even if your life sucks.


Verse 2:
Yeah everything is tough, and I'm not in the ring, because I am not tough enough. Most of the time I feel like a bluff, I forgot the world has shown me so much love. Yeah everything sucks, but, I'm gonna go and make it better. All about the craft when it comes to the cheddar. Look good doing it in a Mr. Rodgers sweater. (OK) Everything is not that bad, abandon good times everyone I had. Isolated cage made me lose track. I know I cannot always be that sad. I did not know I was a role model. Rich with respect like I won the whole lotto. I won't stop rapping anytime soon now, I gotta put on for my brand new future sounds.

Chorus (x2)

Singing Vocals Outro
Track Name: Dope
Dope (Repeat)

Fucking with the dope.
Working on the dope.
Feeling very dope.
Smoking hella dope.
Doing something dope.
I'm in somewhere dope.
Saying something dope.
Cause everything is dope.
Everything is dope (x8)

Verse 1:
It's GED, bitch, I'm smoking on that dope. On my laptop, bitch, I'm working in my zone. Who are these niggas saying they got the strap? They some pussy niggas, please do not make me laugh. I'm in the lab like I'm working on the dope. You search for trends and you don't know where to go. Just turn on the bullshit on your radio, tune in and don't leave until they tell you so. This ain't about no modern day Gepetto, cause I'm talking to the bitches that are desired by foes. I can't give a fuck who is getting down on the floor, search up my Datpiff, bitch, I bet your ass will know. My shit is dope, bitch, dope as hell, like Nas said before me "It ain't hard to tell" (x2)


Verse 2:
Always erasing these weak ass lil stations from my playlist like I mistaken. I should be saving or should I say slaving for a vacation that seems so vacant. Breaking the rock with the sickle in my hand. My father built this town, where is my land? My arms are torn up and my legs have worn out. I'm trying to be dope, don't know what to do know. Now, it's dope, dope in your house. Smoking the dope on your Mama's couch. I've been dope for a while. Smoking that dope, that is just my lifestyle . I try not to stress on the past. Smoking that dope I try to get passed it. Dope lifestyl my life is so magic, I'm smoking that dope, my life is fantastic.